Sepherd's Whistles

by Anna Claire
Brendon has been making these Shepherd's Whistles from vintage silver-plated spoons for years, since an old shepherd mentioned to him that it could be done. 
During the Level 4 lockdown for Covid-19, Anna and her flatmates Toni and Linc, and their sheepdog Brie, shot these photos and videos to demonstrate Buzz's whistles.
Toni is a professional photographer, Linc is a real shepherd, and Brie is a working farm dog who responds to the whistle. How lucky am I to have had this team as my bubble-mates! 

To see more of Toni's work, head to her website here
Our one minute long video is here

And after seeing it, a reporter from the Rural News newspaper rang us up and did an article on them here! 

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