About Us

You found us! You may have been looking for bjaine.com, but these days we're here at bjaine.nz.

About Buzz

Buzz is sometimes known as Brendon Jaine, former paua diver, lead lighter, farmer and now full time artist. Born on a farm near Ashburton, he's an extremely handy person who loves the challenge of building a machine to solve a problem. Buzz has three young children who he supports through making and selling his jewellery. He loves to take his kids to the beach, search for interesting and useful things in junk shops, and to build things from those findings into this beautiful jewellery. All the forms and designs are his. 

About Anna

Anna is Anna Claire, BFA, contemporary jeweller and long time fan of Buzz and his work. She makes her own jewellery in silver and in stone, but in this context, is Buzz's online manager. You'll mostly be talking to Anna at first when you contact us.