Get In Behind Shepherd's Whistle

Get In Behind Shepherd&
Get In Behind Shepherd&

Get In Behind Shepherd's Whistle

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Material: vintage silver plated spoon 

Length of piece top to bottom: 56mm

Width across the bottom: 48mm

Cord: adjustable length dark blue

These are forged from vintage silver plated spoons. Simple and elegant, they suit both women and men. 

The cord is tough nylon waxed thread. It is tied to be adjustable - just slide the knots up or down to change the length. The catch is copper and brass, each one made by Brendon. 

How to blow a shepherd's whistle:

1. Place whistle in mouth with the curved open edge facing outwards resting on your tongue.

2. Hold in the mouth in such a way as to create a gap underneath the whistle. The back of the whistle will sit on the back of the tongue.

3. Blow and by varying the blow, you will create different sounds.

4. To create an even wider range of sounds, move the tongue up and down reducing and widening the gap underneath the whistle.

N.B. if you place your tongue against the lower hole you will silence the whistle. It doesn't matter which way up the whistle is placed.

All this jewellery is handmade by Brendon in his workshop, using discarded bottles and tableware. 











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